What Your Parfume Says About

A good sense of dress really can help you to make an impact. As well as wearing well fitting clothes which suit both the occasion and your personality, you should pick your accessories carefully and always pay particular attention to wearing the right parfume. There are not only your clothes which say something about you, but also your scent. You must wear parfume which complements both your personality and the occasion. Choose your cologne or parfume wisely, it really is as important as the shoes you wear, wearing the wrong type of scent can send out all the wrong messages so beware, you don’t want to spoil the overall effect do you?

There are many different brands of cologne or parfume which all specialize in creating different scents. This is something which you can use to your advantage. On a nice summers day, for example, you should wear a soft, mild scent for, say, lunch with the family. Flowery and citrus type scents are perfect for the summer; these scents not only conjure up images of summer but also smell clean and fresh. Alternatively, if you are going to an elaborate party in the evening you ought to choose a sweet and soft scent which will linger for the whole evening.

Many people are reminded about people that they know by their smell. Some women stick to one parfume for the whole year and the particular smell reminds people of them. This is fine but it’s good to remember that it’s often better to wear mild, soft scents during the summer and strong smelling parfumer in the winter. It’s important to choose a parfume which reflects your personality, and if you like a mild sweet scent then it’s perfectly acceptable to wear it throughout the year.

You can really make the most of your parfume by applying it immediately after a hot shower. The pores of the skin will be open and make it easier for the scent to really get into the depths of the skin. This way the scent will linger a little longer than usual. You should really dab your parfume or cologne behind the ears, on the wrists and inside knees and elbows for a longer lasting effect. Remember, too much can make an unpleasant smell so use sparingly.

Parfume should always be subtle and not over-powering. When choosing a parfume you should try it on in the store, seek the advice of a friend or of the sales person. An over powering scent can really spoil the overall effect and send out lots of wrong signals, so choose wisely. It’s always best to pick a parfume which you can wear at any time, night or day.

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