Want to Buy the Perfect Perfume

The feminine vanity case is an amalgamation of products that reflect style and persona. Every woman has a different personality and their personality type largely determines the kind of products in the vanity case. This is the reason why bright colored lipsticks like red are found in vanity kits of bold women while others confine to pastel shades. Apart from lipsticks and eyeliners, fragrances form an important part of a vanity case and the choice primarily depends on the personality type. To ensure that you get your hands on the right type of fragrance, we have listed a few different types of fragrances readily available in the market.


The first type of fragrance available for consumers is perfume. The amount of perfume concentrate varies between 15 to 40 percent and perfume is the most concentrated fragrances so far. Since perfumes are highly concentrated, their price is generally high. But, we would like to mention that the fragrance lasts for long hours and you can put it while going for a party or even for a day picnic.

NOTE: Perfumes are also sold under the name of extract at perfume shop online

2.Eau de Parfum

It is very common to find this term written on perfume bottles but do you really know what it means. Well, most of the consumers consider it as an alien term and do not pay heed to it at all. However, Eau de Par fum is an important term as it describes fragrances where the perfume concentrate lies between 7 to 15 percent. These fragrances are long lasting and affordable too. In fact, most of the perfumes sold at online stores fall in this category and one can get enduring fragrance at cheap prices.

3.Eau de Toilette

Some say these perfumes were used to wake up people in the morning but today it is commonly found at perfume stores. In this product, the percentage of perfume concentrate is less in comparison to fragrance types mentioned above and the value lies between 1-6 percent. As the amount of scent is less, these perfumes do not last for very long duration of time. So, if you like to wear light scents this is what you should buy.

4.Eau de Cologne

In most of the cases, this term is used interchangeably with eau de cologne only and it has a very mild fragrance.

With this, we have covered the basic and most common types of fragrances available at both online and offline perfume stores. By understanding the differences between types of fragrances, it becomes easier to pick the right perfume according to your personality and taste.

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