The Scent Everyone Is Talking About and How You Can Get the Best Deal

Kai Oil Perfume seems to be an absolute winner on all the reviews I looked at and even some of the biggest names in Hollywood call it their favorite. Here’s why it’s so popular and how you can get a great price on this famous scent.

Why Is This Perfume So Popular?

Let’s start with the non-fragrance points…

All of Kai products are paraben-free and sulfate-free. The fewer chemicals in your daily beauty products the better so that’s a great start, Kai.

Their products are never tested on animals and cruelty-free. I know, celebrities eat that stuff up – and so should you. Your perfume has no business being sprayed in some bunny’s eyes.

Their products are packaged in recyclable materials and made in the USA. I think everyone would agree that’s a winner in today’s environment and economy.

Now on to the fragrance…

The number one comment about the fragrance is how everybody comments on their fragrance! When you wear this scent you will get comments on it.

The second most popular comment is how it evokes strong memories of days spent on a tropical vacation. I’ll let you know when I make it to a tropical island but if I could imagine being on an island all day long while I was wearing a scent I would be okay with that.

Kai is famous for being a beautiful but not overpowering tropical scent with notes of jasmine, lily, tuberose and especially gardenia.

Not perfumy but fresh, earthy, and sexy.

The clincher is that Kai, because it is not an overpowering “perfume” but more of a natural fragrance, works with your body chemistry allowing it to be a little individual for everyone who wears it. That is truly wonderful.

Now What About the Price?

Kai carries a full line of products and they might be considered a little pricey for some so that’s why we are going to find the best deal online.

If you are a stickler for getting your products right from the manufacturer and you don’t mind paying full price then you can go directly to to purchase anything from their line.

You might try eBay to get a discounted price but be sure to do the usual investigation. Look at the sellers feedback scores and make sure their description tells you that they are selling you a 100 percent authentic Kai product.

There are also several beauty product stores online that carry Kai products. I have no personal experience with these stores so it is up to you to investigate and find out about their reputation before sinking the cash.

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