Perfumes You Should Know About

Perfumes are scented liquids that are worn on the skin to impart pleasant odors. Originally, these substances are made to mask unpleasant odors; but today, perfumes are worn to entice members of the opposite sex, to please the wearers, or to show personal statements. Usually, these substances are made up of plant-based and animal aromatic compounds that are dissolved in mixtures of water and alcohol. There are actually different types of perfumes. So, you can choose one that best fits your taste. You can go to malls, local stores, or even online to check out the various types of perfumes available.

Anyway, pure perfumes are actually the strongest types of perfumes. They generally contain 25% to 40% of pure scent. They are also very expensive and not widely available. So, most consumers prefer the eau du parfums instead. These types of perfumes only contain 15% to 30% aromatics. On the other hand, eau du colognes as well as toilet waters are much lighter products. Well, eau du colognes originally referred to a particular citrus-floral blend that was made in Cologne, Germany. It had a lighter scent that is why it can be applied more liberally. Also, it was a toilet water type that contained 5% to 15% aromatic compound. However, toilet water is now known as the substance that is very light. It actually contains just 3% to 5% aromatics. At times, it is also thought of as a “splash” which may be applied liberally after shower or bath.

Another one of the popular types of perfumes is the perfume oil. Actually, perfume oil is very similar to a perfume, except that its solvent is oil-based and not alcohol-based. It is favored by individual who have dry skins. These individuals cannot take the alcohol in most perfumes because it makes their skins drier. On the other hand, oil-based perfumes may be formulated into solid perfumes with the addition of melted beeswax. This matter is added to create a waxy block that can be used to rub on the skin. Oftentimes, solid perfumes are molded into small compacts or pillboxes to easily fit inside a handbag. These types of perfumes must not be left on hot surfaces, though, because they melt easily.

Moreover, the scents from the types of perfumes you use must be appropriate for the occasion. The most popular and the most common category of scent is the floral scent. Usually, this one is made from flowers such as orange blossoms, roses, carnations, jasmines, and gardenias. Another one is citrus. It is made from citrus fruits like lime, mandarin, lemon, and tangerine. It projects a tangy and sharp aroma. The types of perfumes with this scent are uplifting and refreshing. They are also best for women who prefer less powerful fragrances.

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