About Parfum and Its Difference From Perfumes

There, hardly, is a place on earth where fragrances are not used, not even the most humble places in the world. Who can overlook France, the fashion capital of the world, when fragrances are under consideration? Yes, France takes the lead in fragrances as well. But, perfumes, upon entering into France, undergo a slight change in their nomenclature. The perfume is called “parfum” in French.

If defined broadly, the perfumes are same as “parfums”. However, there is a slight difference if one is to look closely into both names, especially from outside the French borders. When it comes to perfume-selling markets, the above mentioned alternative of perfumes indicates a relatively stronger and more concentrated version of any particular scent. However, the word ‘perfume’ is usually used to mean any aromatic solution which may or may not be strong. Perfumes, generally, are sold to customers in different versions including eau de parfum, eau de toilet, and eau de cologne. These versions of the perfume differ in concentration, price, and longevity.

As far as the concentration is of the perfumes is concerned, the ‘eau de¬†parfum’ contains 8 to 15 percent scented oil. The ‘eau de toilette’ version contains 4 to 10 percent of scented oil where as ‘eau de cologne’ contains 2 to 5 percent of the scented oil. However, the manufacturers may distance from these guidelines to introduce a new smell. The most notable factor about pricing of perfumes is the concentration of scented oil in these. So, the rule of thumb is that the more the concentration of scented oil a perfume has, the higher shall be its price. When the longevity of any perfume is concerned, it depends on the ingredients of the scented oil present in the perfume. Some floral ingredients last longer while some disappear relatively earlier. Whenever purchasing a perfume, always pay heed to the ingredients of the perfume. You should, in this respect, pay attention to the label of the perfume. The label contains all the necessary information, mostly.

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