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Where does perfume come from? Body scents have actually been around since the ancient Egyptians, but modern-day perfumes didn’t actually appear until the end of the 19th Century. Fragrances like perfume and More »

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Perfume (Latin “per fume” meaning “through smoke”) was highly favored by the Egyptians, Romans, and Arabs. In East Asia, perfumes were incense based. People used to make perfumes from spices and herbs More »

All About Versace Women Perfume

The Versace Women Perfume is a remarkable women’s perfume created by Gianni Versace in the tear of 2001. This is the combination fragrances of Frangipani blossoms and leaves with eglantine, jasmine as More »

The Scent Everyone Is Talking About and How You Can Get the Best Deal

Kai Oil Perfume seems to be an absolute winner on all the reviews I looked at and even some of the biggest names in Hollywood call it their favorite. Here’s why it’s More »

Should Know About Perfumes

Perfumes have the power to instantly provide charm and allure to its users. But, it can also be a cause for derision and off-putting situations. The effects of these fragrances mostly hinge More »

About Perfumes

Where does perfume come from? Body scents have actually been around since the ancient Egyptians, but modern-day perfumes didn’t actually appear until the end of the 19th Century. Fragrances like perfume and cologne started out as mixes of oils and scents, but in modern times, they’re mostly ethyl alcohol with some essential oils added in varying degrees. Perfume has the highest concentration of essential oils – at about 30 percent of the mixture – while aftershaves and splashes have no more than three percent. Cologne falls somewhere between eight and ten percent. In general, most fragrances on the market, and since the 1960s, have been eau de parfum and eau de toilette scents, both of which respectively follow perfume in concentration.

The first scents used were oils or unguents by the ancient Egyptians, particularly myrrh and frankincense. Rose and peppermint were made into unguents by letting the leaves steep in oil. But the actual start of modern-day fragrances, referred to the “perfume era,” was the late 19th Century. Although more general knowledge of organic chemistry sparked interest in developing scents, the

Perfumes You Should Know About

Perfumes are scented liquids that are worn on the skin to impart pleasant odors. Originally, these substances are made to mask unpleasant odors; but today, perfumes are worn to entice members of the opposite sex, to please the wearers, or to show personal statements. Usually, these substances are made up of plant-based and animal aromatic compounds that are dissolved in mixtures of water and alcohol. There are actually different types of perfumes. So, you can choose one that best fits your taste. You can go to malls, local stores, or even online to check out the various types of perfumes available.

Anyway, pure perfumes are actually the strongest types of perfumes. They generally contain 25% to 40% of pure scent. They are also very expensive and not widely available. So, most consumers prefer the eau du parfums instead. These types of perfumes only contain 15% to 30% aromatics. On the other hand, eau du colognes as well as toilet waters are much lighter products. Well, eau du colognes originally referred to a particular citrus-floral blend that was made in

Fact about Skin Care Products

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But many people don’t know this. They believe that they

Know About Perfume

Perfume (Latin “per fume” meaning “through smoke”) was highly favored by the Egyptians, Romans, and Arabs. In East Asia, perfumes were incense based. People used to make perfumes from spices and herbs like bergamot, myrtle, coriander, conifer resin, and almond. The use of flowers came only after Avicenna, an Iranian doctor and chemist showed the process of distillation, whereby oils could be extracted from flowers. In 1370, at the behest of Queen Elizabeth of Hungary, the world’s first modern perfume – “Hungary Water” was made by blending scented oils in alcohol solution.

The composition of a perfume is of vital significance and is handled by an expert known as a perfumer, who deals with primary scents like rose, jasmine, cola, etc; modifiers like esters; blenders like linalool and hydroxycitronellol; and fixatives like resins, wood scents, and amber bases. The resulting scent is explained in a musical metaphor of three ‘notes’, namely, top notes (consisting of fast evaporating small size molecules) like citrus and ginger scents; middle notes (consisting of slow evaporating medium size molecules) like lavender and rose scents; and base notes (consisting of slowest evaporating largest size molecules) like fixatives etc. All these notes work together

All About Versace Women Perfume

The Versace Women Perfume is a remarkable women’s perfume created by Gianni Versace in the tear of 2001. This is the combination fragrances of Frangipani blossoms and leaves with eglantine, jasmine as well as bergamot. There are also other scents of the fruity tones of raspberry and plum available.

How to Get It

If you’re interested in finding the perfume lines, there are actually some discount online stores that you may want to check out. Nevertheless, it is valuable for you to be very careful to prevent buying unoriginal product any time you want to order the perfume from the online stores. Ensure that you check the reliability of online stores and declare that they assure genuine products and do not sell imitations or knockoffs.


There are actually several fragrances that are part of the perfume line. They are Time to Relax, Baby Rose Jeans, Time for Energy, Crystal Noir, and Versace Signature.


Versace Women perfume can be worn in each and every day, on the evening outings as well as special occasions.

Versace Signature and Crystal Noir

The Versace Signature perfume by Versace for Women is an

The Scent Everyone Is Talking About and How You Can Get the Best Deal

Kai Oil Perfume seems to be an absolute winner on all the reviews I looked at and even some of the biggest names in Hollywood call it their favorite. Here’s why it’s so popular and how you can get a great price on this famous scent.

Why Is This Perfume So Popular?

Let’s start with the non-fragrance points…

All of Kai products are paraben-free and sulfate-free. The fewer chemicals in your daily beauty products the better so that’s a great start, Kai.

Their products are never tested on animals and cruelty-free. I know, celebrities eat that stuff up – and so should you. Your perfume has no business being sprayed in some bunny’s eyes.

Their products are packaged in recyclable materials and made in the USA. I think everyone would agree that’s a winner in today’s environment and economy.

Now on to the fragrance…

The number one comment about the fragrance is how everybody comments on their fragrance! When you wear this scent you will get comments on it.

The second most popular comment is how it evokes strong memories of days spent on a tropical vacation. I’ll let you

Should Know About Perfumes

Perfumes have the power to instantly provide charm and allure to its users. But, it can also be a cause for derision and off-putting situations. The effects of these fragrances mostly hinge on the types of perfumes which you are currently using as well as the factors which lead you to wear these types of perfumes. This is why relying on a popular which doesn’t represent your personality won’t get you anywhere at all while opting for more low-key fragrances which represent your unique personality might just suit you better. We’ll give you a rundown of the multiple categories of perfumes below as well as the multiple ways of efficiently using them.

There are three major categories with which fragrances fall into. The first one, Eau de parfum, is slightly more concentrated than the other two categories. Its sizable inclusion of natural concentrates, approximately 10% per bottle, tends to make it a lot more expensive compared to its two counterparts. It impressively lasts for a quarter of a day which makes up for its typically expensive price tag. Eau de cologne, in contrast, favors a light scent that is seamlessly blended with citrus oils. Ea de toilette

Want to Buy the Perfect Perfume

The feminine vanity case is an amalgamation of products that reflect style and persona. Every woman has a different personality and their personality type largely determines the kind of products in the vanity case. This is the reason why bright colored lipsticks like red are found in vanity kits of bold women while others confine to pastel shades. Apart from lipsticks and eyeliners, fragrances form an important part of a vanity case and the choice primarily depends on the personality type. To ensure that you get your hands on the right type of fragrance, we have listed a few different types of fragrances readily available in the market.


The first type of fragrance available for consumers is perfume. The amount of perfume concentrate varies between 15 to 40 percent and perfume is the most concentrated fragrances so far. Since perfumes are highly concentrated, their price is generally high. But, we would like to mention that the fragrance lasts for long hours and you can put it while going for a party or even for a day picnic.

NOTE: Perfumes are also sold under the name of extract at perfume shop online

2.Eau de

About Men’s and Women’s Fragrances

Fragrances run the gamut from pungent perfumes to barely-there aftershaves or splashes. The composition of all of these is similar, with perfume oils or “aromatic compounds” diluted by a solvent, which is ethanol most of the time. The percentage of aromatic compounds to solvent varies with each type of fragrance, with women’s perfumes like eau de toilette, eau de parfum, and pure perfume running from a ten to 40-percent concentration and men’s cologne with a two to five-percent concentration. Aftershaves, which are often grouped in with colognes, have a percentage of aromatic compounds less than two percent.

Each fragrance, regardless of whether it’s a perfume or cologne, has three parts: high, middle, and low notes. Some of these notes can be complex, with several types of floral fragrances relegated to the middle. But no matter what composes the fragrance, the high notes are those you smell immediately when you spray the fragrance and the middle notes soon settle in after that. The lower notes tend to support and creep in afterwards, even up to 30 minutes after the fragrance is sprayed. All types of fragrances have this composition, and this includes the traditional fragrance classifications of single

All About Different Categories in Fragrance

You may come across several categories of fragrances and perfume today; in fact perfume is at crest comprising eau de parfum, eau de toilette, and eau de cologne, each has lesser degree of aromatic oils, correspondingly. Perfume is extremely prized exactly as it lasts from morning till night. Additionally, perfume carries well, in the sense that the sent remains fresh as the day wears on. Actually, branded perfume is intended to smell good all through its various stages of wear.

Aromatic multifarious used in perfumes have compound element interactions. While we may picture a group of company executives snuffling bottles of different mixtures to see what reeks top. In order for a scent to last all through the day, tens or even hundreds of elements are used so that the perfume carry on to ‘bloom’. Essentially, as one group of compounds is exhausted, another re-enlivens the scent and adds up its own tone. Perfume is said to have three notes, which work together to shape the permanent fragrance.

The top note is the first scent when applied. This scent remains only a few minutes to an hour, and might be somewhat strong. As it lessens it

Intriguing Details About Perfumes

What are the particular formulations of perfumes available?

The range of fragrances in this world can only be characterised as marvellous. Yet, when you narrow them down, there are only a few particular types of formulations available. Fragrances can come in its original straight perfume essence, the Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, and Eau de Cologne. The main difference between them are merely the amount of essential oils that are incorporated into them when they are created. The larger the amount of essentials oils, the longer the fragrance will maintain on the skin, hence less you have to use. Perfume companies also develop tester formulations.

Perfume (Parfum): This is the strongest formulation available in fragrances. It consists of 15 to thirty percent concentration of its original essence. You only need to use a small amount on yourself to get a very long-lasting scent, and depending on your skin type, can last up to 6 hours after you spray down the straight perfume itself. It is a little weaker and has only 8 to 15 percent in concentration. Still, it lasts quite long, around three to five hours. The good advantage is that this formulation comes

About Fragrance and Perfume

Why do perfumes smell different on different people?

Perfumes smell different on different people because our body has different reaction on our own skin based on our personal PH levels. Furthermore, there some external factors such as stress, hormonal changes, nutrition, skin type and so on can effect the smell of the perfume on us.

How can I make my perfume last longer on my skin?

The best way to last longer is try not to use in dry skin. So, you can use some moisturizing lotion, oil or cream to prevent from dry skin. Generally speaking, fragrance lasts longer time in oily skin than dry skin.

What are Eau De Toilette, Eau De Parfum, etc?

This is the definition of the strength of the fragrance. Moreover, it shows the grade of the alcohol and water concentration to the fragrance oils. Basically, perfumes are combination of natural products of essential oils from plants and other products that can increase the smell. Alcohol is the base liquid for perfume. Moreover, the ratio of that alcohol and the scented oils defines the final perfumes such as perfume, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, eau de

Difference Between Eau De Parfum

Nowadays, it is common for a person to wear good and sweet fragrance. This is traditionally true because everybody is interested to eliminate bad body odors. The most popular and common thing that every people should use is the perfume. Basically, perfume is composed of different essential oils and aromatic compounds. The fragrance is maintained. It has also a mixture of solvent that allows in giving the body pleasurable scent. The beauty of perfumes varies. So, it is best that you chose for the ones that has a great mixtures of fragrances.

For the information of everybody, perfume comes in different variations. These are Eau de Parfum (EDP) and Eau de Toilette. Cologne is also one of these. These names are derived from French words that have been a common term in English. Let us differentiate the two. Read on and find out interesting facts about these two types.

Eau de Parfum

Eau de Parfum (EDP) is a perfume that is made from ethanol and water. It has a medium to high concentration of perfumed oil compared to water that is the content of the solution. This contains 10% – 20% fragrance oil. But the

Wearing Parfum

Fragrance Application

When applying a scent apply it to your pulse points such as the fold of your elbow and knees, wrist, neck and cleavage. Don’t rub your wrists together by doing so you may crush the scent. Try spraying some in the air and allow the fragrance to fall onto your body instead. Consider layering your fragrances for optimal effect by using all variations of the products offering. Begin by using the shower or bath gel and then put on the body lotion or matching after bath spray. Lastly apply the scent preferably as perfume or eau de parfum applying as stated above. Using the body lotion allows optimal scent and it is probably has to do with starting at the feet and applying the scent all over allowing the scent to rise. It also allows you to feel extra special and pampered.

Keeping bottles tightly closed and covered, and away from direct heat and sunlight allows optimal safeguard. You will be able to tell when your fragrance has gone bad as you’ll notice it doesn’t give that lovely aroma when you spray or dab the fragrance, and it will appear darker in its bottle.

Making Your Own Parfume

It is very important when wearing fragrance to keep in mind that everything doesn’t smell good on everybody. Also a scent that I may love others may find repulsive. With that in mind it is crucial when mixing and making parfume you use what works best with your own natural scent. Every individual has a natural body scent, no I don’t mean smelly body odor but we all have a natural essence. Scientists have shown that natural body scent plays a key role in determining whether we find somebody attractive. For a whole lot less money and a few ingredients, you can make your own customized parfume that will compliment you as an individual.

All parfume/perfume’s start with a basic formula of 15 to 30 percent of essential oil, 70 to 80 percent of pure grain alcohol, such as vodka, and 5 percent of distilled water. The essential oil can be replaced with fragrance oil for a less pricey scent. Essential oils can be found very easily in a craft stores, health food stores or even vitamin stores. It is a good idea to store your fragrance in small glass or plastic container. Most craft stores will

What Is Eau De Parfum

Not many people realise that eau de parfum is not technically the same as perfume, although the terms are often used interchangeably. Perfume is a pure substance, whereas eau de parfum is a lighter, more diluted version. The term perfume is derived from the mysterious and romantic latin term per fumus, meaning ‘through smoke,’ and what we think of as perfume was invented as far back as the ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian societies.

Ancient perfumes were very different to the perfumes, eau de parfums and eau de toilettes we have today, however. Before the method for extracting the ‘essence’ of flowers was discovered, early perfumers had only herbs, spices and woods to work with. The earliest perfumes would probably have smelled like something we would have wanted to eat rather than cover ourselves in, with almond, coriander, cinnamon, vanilla and other herbs all commonly used.

It was only when the Persian chemist Ibn Sina invented the process of extracting oils from flowers that the intricate palate of perfumery was really born. His first triumph was rosewater, a substance that was much lighter and more delicate than the other perfumes of its day. Because of its feminine

Parfum A Nose Really Knows

Parfum. Cologne. Perfume. Eau de toilette. Mist. Spray. Vaporiser. Atomizer. There are so many words, yet so little known about the stuff we put on our body. What is it? How do we war it? Who can wear what type of what fragrance? There is an air of mystery around a product that is used by millions worldwide. Even though there is sure uncertainty, there is one thing we know: we like it and it smells really nice.

Parfum. What is it? Well, simply put…it is the French word for perfume. Perfume is a combination of essential oils, aroma compounds, fixatives and solvents. All these are jumbled together to produce the sweet-smelling compounds that we slather on our bodies. These compounds can be produced synthetically or derived from natural sources.

The idea of parfum has been around for a very long time. I mean, even the ancient girls wanted to smell good too! The world’s first chemist (and perfumer), a woman named Tapputi, was mentioned on an ancient cuneiform tablet from Mesopotamia dated from the 2nd millennium BC. The art of making parfum has been widely documented and talked about throughout the annals of history. In

What Your Parfume Says About

A good sense of dress really can help you to make an impact. As well as wearing well fitting clothes which suit both the occasion and your personality, you should pick your accessories carefully and always pay particular attention to wearing the right parfume. There are not only your clothes which say something about you, but also your scent. You must wear parfume which complements both your personality and the occasion. Choose your cologne or parfume wisely, it really is as important as the shoes you wear, wearing the wrong type of scent can send out all the wrong messages so beware, you don’t want to spoil the overall effect do you?

There are many different brands of cologne or parfume which all specialize in creating different scents. This is something which you can use to your advantage. On a nice summers day, for example, you should wear a soft, mild scent for, say, lunch with the family. Flowery and citrus type scents are perfect for the summer; these scents not only conjure up images of summer but also smell clean and fresh. Alternatively, if you are going to an elaborate party in the evening you ought

Parfume Fundamentals

Parfume, Parfum and Perfume are technically all one in the same, but the French seem to know how to make such a simple word sound so much better. Although all the names mean pretty much the same thing they are not all classified one in the same when it comes to quality. The secret to the differentiation all depends on whether or not a particular fragrance is considered an “eau de parfume” or as pure “parfume.”

OK so let’s clear this up, parfum is the most expensive and has the strongest aroma available. It can also be referred to as extrait, or “pure perfume”. Then next in line with the highest concentration of scent will be known as “eau de parfume.”

In order to be classified as an eau de parfume the scent must contain an 8 to15 percentage rate of fragrance or essential oil. All perfume strength comes from the percentage of scent element included in each ratio. The percentage of scent element is usually between fifteen and thirty. On average the concentration level is at fifteen percent for an eau de perfume and at a whopping twenty percent for parfum.

Now lets get

About Parfum and Its Difference From Perfumes

There, hardly, is a place on earth where fragrances are not used, not even the most humble places in the world. Who can overlook France, the fashion capital of the world, when fragrances are under consideration? Yes, France takes the lead in fragrances as well. But, perfumes, upon entering into France, undergo a slight change in their nomenclature. The perfume is called “parfum” in French.

If defined broadly, the perfumes are same as “parfums”. However, there is a slight difference if one is to look closely into both names, especially from outside the French borders. When it comes to perfume-selling markets, the above mentioned alternative of perfumes indicates a relatively stronger and more concentrated version of any particular scent. However, the word ‘perfume’ is usually used to mean any aromatic solution which may or may not be strong. Perfumes, generally, are sold to customers in different versions including eau de parfum, eau de toilet, and eau de cologne. These versions of the perfume differ in concentration, price, and longevity.

As far as the concentration is of the perfumes is concerned, the ‘eau de parfum’ contains 8 to 15 percent scented oil. The ‘eau de toilette’ version contains